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I have a New Startup
digital marketing course in delhi for new business startups
Create something… Let the Market pull you in!
So you have some amazing and the next big idea for a business or a venture? Do you want to shout aloud your idea to people as it will influence their life? Cool! But then, let’s face the reality. Most of the startups neither have enough budget nor ideas to reach a wide section of their target audience. Think again! Do you really believe expensive advertisements are the only way to grab the eye balls?

Welcome to the school of startup! We believe the only way to win is to learn faster than everyone else. There is a very fine line between success and failure of a start up and that is the utilization of available resources. They are based on faith and those who succeed have no fear. Do not fret about money, budget or logistics; instead make your ideas happen with us.

You don’t need a team of 15 people to start with, just a little mind and a pinch of smartness. We are the customers and we know what we want, how we want and how we can be reached! Right? Market your business online, make use of channels like emails, social media, search engines and widen the horizon as well as reach of your ideas. Brand awareness can be amplified easily by generating the right leads and sales conversions within budget.

On the top of this, there is no biasing in social media? You and your top competitors stand on the same platform.

"It took over 100 years for Coca-Cola to earn the brand value it has today with traditional marketing and just 15 years for Google, 10 years for FB, 7 years for Flipkart , 4 years for WhatsApp to reach its present brand reputation with digital media."
How MAVIS EDUTECH will help you start & grow?
A single decision can make or break your business idea and efforts! Being new, you cannot afford to hand over the entire concept to someone else and give them power to make decisions for you. Hiring agencies is definitely not a thing for startups. And another thing that makes sense is that since you are new, you never know the truth behind their reports. They can easily mislead you knowing that you are novice.

Ensure your own safety and do it yourself! Our Digital Marketing professional course for the start ups will emphasis on imparting hand on experience on startups via Do it Yourself. We focus on Digital Marketing case studies and brain storming sessions through industry experts, and renowned names from the industry itself. Get a sneak peek to the real world of digital marketing from professionals who have worked for Toyota, Johnson and Johnson, Walmart, Snapdeal etc.

Remember “You are the most powerful source in your life!”